la caille

i knew a little bit of background on the restaurant, la caille, prior to going, but not much. so i wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we pulled up to a sign that led to a long entry near little cottonwood canyon in utah. my inital thoughts were “i am in a fairy wonderland!”.

you drive down a narrow winding road with perfectly lined trees. little bunnies are nibbling on grass and hopping along until you come up to a chateau style building which mimics rural france. surrounding the restaurant are little streams, large trees, grapevines and even some surprising guests…peacocks! i am not quite sure how many i saw, but it is safe to say they run the place. they walk amongst the 20 or so acres la caille sits on along with the swans, ducks and bunnies. but aside from the theatrics of the establishment, there is the main and most important thing to consider – the food.

it was outstanding.

it is a meal i will remember for a long time – escargots with the tastiest garlic bread, warm spinach artichoke salad, and center cut tenderloin with bearnaise sauce. i’m no food critic, but if i were, i would give it a ‘really damn good’ grade.

if you ever find yourself in the area, be sure to treat yourself at la caille.

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