sheila’s mehndi

when vinay approached me last summer to photograph his proposal to his girlfriend, sheila, i was excited and honored to have the opportunity. i did not foresee them asking me a year later to take pictures of events on their wedding weekend, but they did and i could not have been more thrilled.

customary to indian weddings, the bride will have an intricate mehndi design applied to her hands and feet a few days prior to the ceremony. sheila’s elaborate henna included a bride and groom image on each hand. a fun tradition includes where the artist will hide the groom’s name in the design and he seeks to find it.

various guests trickled in and got some designs on their hands. it was amazing how quickly the artists worked and how beautiful the designs were done. all were free hand which is incredibly impressive!

it was a lot of fun photographing this event with all the beautiful colors and details. enjoy the below!

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5 thoughts on “sheila’s mehndi

  1. Sarah Johnson on said:

    Love the black and white henna hand shot in particular…but these are all beautiful shots!

  2. Agree with Sarah!!!! So awesome!!!

  3. Hello kinosi, Love the B&W photo. I will be entering the same phase of life soon and I wanted to check, if, with your permission, can I use the Black and White photograph taken by you in my wedding page. This page is for personal use only and not for any commercial purpose. So please let me know. Looking forward for your response

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