for those twitter trendy people, #nyfw stands for new york fashion week. the final shows wrap up today and will be moving on to london, but i got the chance to see a gorgeous show yesterday – j mendel (ohh la la).

fashion week is quite the circus. you have divas and divos running around, stylists, editors, important fashion execs, people who think they are important fashion execs, bloggers, photographers, students…the list goes on. i was just happy to sit pretty in a seat and view it all. amongst the chaos and swarms of people, there comes a moment when everyone has to sit down, be quiet and watch the show. that was my favorite part. just seeing the models (who i have decided are other worldly creatures) strut down the runway in luxurious furs, silks, satins, towering heels, wavy hair…swoon. i remembered why i really just love fashion for fashion’s sake. it may be an entirely gauche display of something unrealistic, but that is what makes it a fantasy world and so fantastic. a girl can dream.

‘behind the scenes’ looks can be found here.

and then for a bit more informal viewing, if you will, see below!

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2 thoughts on “#nyfw

  1. descriptive writing put me right there…..perched on the edge of my seat….waiting for people to just sit down …..room darkens and the magic begins….Kim you are an excellent writer as well as accomplished photographer.

  2. “divas and divos…” love. those pictures are magnifiques!!!

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