reasons why…

i love my mujer:

-she gives the best advice.  not even just to her kids, but to anyone.  she has that rare quality of actually listening to someone and taking her experiences to give you the words you need to hear – whether they be what you want to hear or not! for example…pulling this from a recent email:

“And what I have learned is life and people are like a great restaurant, you might not like the music but maybe the food is fantastic, or the ambiance is superb but the food is mediocre….a trade off sometimes, but you can find something to enjoy in the experience.” -the mujer

-she is beautiful inside and out with her jackie o’ style and looks.

-she is one witty lady.  makes me laugh with her quirky outlook and poignant thoughts.

-she is one passionate leo.  you should see her on the tennis courts.

-she is always on your side.  even if she may not agree with everything you think at one time, she is rooting for you.  and i am starting to learn that more and more as i get older.

so to my mujer, this is a big, warm HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! thank you for being the best mom a girl could ask for.  i love you.



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2 thoughts on “reasons why…

  1. You made me cry….and I like to cry. Thank you Kimmy. Mujer

  2. gina. on said:

    best. post. ever.

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