my trip to the south

i was not really sure what to expect from mississippi. coming from streaming taxis, high rise buildings, and nearly everything i could want at my fingertips – i was contemplating how far in the “deep south” i was really going. well, oxford, mississippi is quite charming. instead of high rise buildings with an uptown and a downtown, there is one town square made up of college bars, shops and family owned restaurants. it’s state law to stop the car if someone is crossing the street…talk about southern hospitality. i can barely make it onto the subway without being shoved by someone, but that’s new york for you – take it or leave it. still, it is nice to hear a southern drawl and even take in some southern cookin’ – paula deen style – full of ‘butta’ and fried ‘batta’.

so when i was told i would be going to taylor grocery to eat fried catfish, i was a little bit nervous. i mean…catfish? what happened to fried pickles? oh wait…i had those earlier in the day. as well as corndogs. yes, the south is not the place to go healthy my friends.

taylor grocery & restaurant is nice little BYOB joint in taylor, ms. the town of taylor is a small…teeny…tiny…itsy-bitsy weeny town composed of one street: main street, a restaurant: taylor grocery, and a post office. despite its lack of…well population, droves of people will come to this renowned restaurant to get a taste of some southern fried chicken, shrimp & catfish. but the true charm lies in the wait you take for your dinner with friends. everyone sits on the front porch taking in the sunset while enjoying a nice beverage of their choice. it’s truly a time to relax, hang out and live life a bit slower – something much needed after a few months in new york city.

eat up!


enjoying some time on the porch

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2 thoughts on “my trip to the south

  1. Eat! Always figured Mississippi was the pits, but it sounds delicious.

  2. LOVE THE PORCH PHOTO. that is so cool. good shot.

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